Pesky knights want to pilfer your gems. Punch them all away.

Lair of the Four Fists is an arcade fighting game with unique movement and combat mechanics. In this game, you play as the final boss in your lair, and must protect your loot from adventurer knights who want to prove their worth.


Lair of the Four Fists is a GMTK Game Jam 2021 submission. 


  1. Click LMB on any of your fists to extend your arms. Click RMB to retract.
  2. Use WASD to move your body. YOU CAN ONLY MOVE AS FAR AS YOUR ARMS ARE EXTENDED, so stretch those arms!
  3. Knights will steal your gems, or try to kill you. Punch them by extending your fists to their face!
  4. You can protect your gems by extending your fists on top of them, but be warned that knights will try to swat you away.
  5. Press R to reset your fists.
  6. Keep track of your HP and kills on the upper left side of the screen.
  7. Kill as many knights as you can.

Development log