Out of Ctrl 1.1

Hey guys!

First, I'd like to thank you all for playing and rating my game for GMTK Game Jam 2020. Because of all the ratings, Out of Ctrl was the 6th most rated game of the jam! I really didn't expect so many people to play my game, so thank you and I hope you had fun with my game.

Speaking of ratings, I've also gotten a ton of feedback through your comments. Thank you again for that as your comments have allowed me to improve the game. Some of those improvements are included in the new version of the game that I've just uploaded.

Here's all the new stuff I've added so far:

1. Undo button - This was the most requested feature and I got work on it almost immediately. No more restarting the entire level when you miss placing the Ctrl block.

2. Better grid based movement - The game was already grid based before, but allowed you to move in half-steps. I've taken that away and movement is now by full steps. Hopefully this means Qwert is now easier to control. Note: As a side effect of rushed coding  Qwert's allergies, he no longer likes to touch walls. Not to worry though, he still won't go through them.

3. Alternate versions - Sometimes the game requires you to activate a browser shortcut. If you don't want that (or just don't want to play on your browser), you can download  and play the Windows version. I've also  uploaded the GMTK Game Jam 2020 version for download if you want to see it.

4.  Blocks now wrap around the level with you - When you pushed a block off-screen, you would wrap around the other side, but the block would go away. This doesn't really affect any of the puzzles at the moment, but take it as a sign of things to come.

Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned as I'll be adding more features, and more levels soon!


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Jul 20, 2020
OutOfCtrl_v1_1_EXE.zip 18 MB
Jul 20, 2020
OutOfCtrl_GMTK2020.zip 6 MB
Jul 20, 2020

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Haha, this was shockingly complicated for me. It's not until something like this do you realize how standard "WASD" is for movement. 

I've been playing baba is you recently so I think itch promoted this one to me from that. This was very fun, and while I definitely see the inspiration, this still felt very unique as it's own puzzle game.

It's just the right amount of difficulty for me without getting frustrated. The idea of "I need to go right, so let's give myself the ability to go left and I'll eventually get there" really made me laugh, and felt so satisfying once I got it. 

Honestly wouldn't mind seeing more out of this, even if it were just a level editor. Very fun concept, and I'm sure the difficulty isn't that bad for someone more capable of recognizing wasd is now temporarily wdas X) 

Thank you for such a fun game!