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why u make us create a bookmark for this game on level 9



I used ctrl + w and it deleted the tab XD

This is a super dope idea.  Would love to see where you can take it ^^

great game really gets the mind to think 10/10 :)



just pressed Ctrl+W on lvl13. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

that's a pretty fun game! it riddles my mind at some parts

control does not work on the web version

for anyone wondering there is 14 levels, if you need help just ask.

Awesome game!


It's a great idea, but Ctrl+W closed the tab. Oops. Probably should've played the windows build...

impissed cuz i fucking closed out accidentally and fuck there should be level select or something idek

i beat level 12 using ctrl+w but i closed out the window xD


I like the concept of the puzzle and how it required creative use of the keyboard controls. 

Good work. 


Thanks for the undo button lol

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can someone help me beat level 12


nah srry fam im stuck at 6 :/


wait, you guys beat level 1?

waitu didnt? oof im srry


That was a joke this backfired


w, w, w, w, a+d, a+d, w, w, ctrl 15 times, a+s, a+s, ctrl, a+s, ctrl 19 times, a+s, a+s, a+s, ctrl 15 times, w, w, d+ctrl.


This game has an amazing concept. The levels are challenging, yet rewarding. It's fun to see the concept of not always being able to use the keys, since if you knock the letter away from one of the pre-determined squares you can't use that key to move anymore. It also got confusing at times trying to remember the seemingly random key-bindings at times, like S moves up or ctrl moves left... still, it made for a very fun challenge.

I haven't yet beaten the game, still stuck on lvl 13. But I think that's as far as I can go. But that's not on the game itself for being too challenging, it's simply on me for not fully understanding the controls. This is a brilliant game idea and I can only hope for more games like this in the future.

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this game is so clever! im not the smartest but i found it super fun! i didnt make it too far into the game but really enjoyed it :)

lvl 2 is hard pls help me

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nice job


Im the world record holder for this game, i have the fastest time of 2:35 thats fun. have a good day everyone

Awsome Game

you made me click crtl w

i cant beat level 11

really cool game!


just finished it. very creative




Cool game! Can you please add arrow key controls?


Awesome game! Had a really nice time :D

Fun and challenging. Hope to see more of your work!


this game is so creative and really clever im glad its modeled like baba is you

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i made it to level six


same it's hard

omg so frustrating and fun

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This was really helpful. I'll keep them in mind for the next update.


imagine closing the browser tab in level 7


I made it to the Compound Level (8? 9? Can't remember) and chose to put the W on the empty space. I didn't even think about the interaction before pressing Ctrl+W, and it closed the tab! That had me laughing. If that was the final level, bravo! Very fun puzzle game. If that was unintended, an easy fix would be to swap it as W+Ctrl doesn't do the same thing. Hilarious though. Well played!


I found a solution to Level 9 (The Compound Level)... Make Ctrl + D rather than Ctrl + W... There seem to be more levels

Yeah I really didn't intend for any solution to be Ctrl + W. (I didn't even know that shortcut closed the tab.) You can use the other letters for that level. You can also use the .exe version if you don't want to deal with any of the shortcuts.


great game but I would prefer grid based movement as there have been times where I accidentally half stepped too far and basically had to reset the whole level


great concept and fun game


Great little puzzle game. I really enjoyed it!


love it quite challenging good job 


Awesome game! I really like the original concept of the game! I've personally never really played anything like this before. I had a lot of fun playing these puzzles! There a couple times where I really needed to use all of my brain power but it was absolutely worth it! I really enjoyed playing this game and I hope to see more like this in the future! Very well done! :D

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